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Initially launched by a collector, the site aims to reference all possible versions of each game.

The project is community-based, currently primarily managed at the IT level by Guilh, Eegbor, RPGHCG, and Unexist.

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Last entries

Motocross Maniacs NOE

Track & Field NOE

Heavyweight Championship Boxing USA-1

Big Hurt (Frank Thomas Baseball) USA-1

Tintin au Tibet EUR

Most seen on the database !

Kirby's Dream Land 2 (UKV)

Pokemon Red version (USA)

Heavyweight Championship Boxing (USA-1)

Hyperdunk (Gig Import) (NOE)

Galaga & Galaxian (ギャラガ&ギャラクシアン) (JPN)

Alleyway (NOE)

Smurfs Travel the World (the) (EUR)

Alien 3 (AUS)

Tom & Jerry (NOE)

Castelian (UKV)