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They helped us to make this website !

On this page you're gonna find all people who have helped us with this big project.

Database fulfilling


Takus comes from Spain and owns an important ESP collection.

He helps us with spanish translation and pics from ESP games.

Simon Harrisson

Simon comes from Stockport in UK. He has taken so much time to take good pics from his impressive boxed collection.

Thanks to him, we've discovered the existence of Humans UKV-1.


XGB lives in Paris. He owns more than 450 boxed games. He has scanned every game and sent pics to us. Keen on FAH games, he begins to look after foreign copies. Really nice games, congratulations for your collection.


Mike comes from Denmark. He's near to finish the SCN fullset, and is specialized with importations in his country. Very nice guy, knows a lot about DMG. One serious collector, we invite you to visit his website here :


Lives in Australia. Owns a shop and have a big collection of loose cartridges, but often have some boxed treasures in her shop. Many thanks to her for pics she sent.


German guy who sent us so many NOE scans. Great thanks again dude !


A video games collector from France who loves DMG. He owns an impressive collection of rare games. He gave us several date codes from some of the rarest DMG games. He's still looking after a TMNT 3 (FAH) copy. If you can help him ....

Robert Dyson

British collector of loose PAL GB carts. Currently the owner of 440 unique titles and chasing down the final 33, rarest, games.

Daniel "the wolf"

Daniel joined the project one month ago. Thanks to him, we discovered lot of incrementations on the NOE area.


Rare kind of collector ! Keen on ITA games !

Design & programming

Marco Paradisio

Photoshop and design. A big job was made on companies logo. Many, many, many thanks to him..

Binjig Gosaw

SQL development. He gave us several scans from DMG games.

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