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Initially launched by a collector, the site aims to reference all possible versions of each game. The project is community-based, currently primarily managed at the IT level by Guilh, Eegbor, RPGHCG, and Unexist.. We don't own everything. Do not hesitate to send us scans, photos, information on the email below .... We will be happy to share them. Excellent visit.

Happy Birthday to these games !!!

  • Double Dragon AUS (1991)
  • Bugs Bunny the Crazy Castle NOE (1991)
  • Hatris (ハットリス) JPN (1991)
  • Mickey Mouse NOE (1992)
  • Turrican ESP (1992)
  • Home Alone SCN (1992)
  • Bionic Commando (バイオニックコマンドー) JPN (1992)
  • Ranma 1/2 Kakugeki Mondô!! らんま1/2格劇問答!! JPN (1993)
  • Donkey Kong UKV (1994)
  • Sinri Game (ザ・心理ゲーム) JPN (1994)
  • Pachi-Slot Kids 2 (パチスロキッズ2) JPN (1994)
  • Katsuba Yosô Keiba Kizoku EX ‘94 (勝馬予想 競馬貴族EX’94) JPN (1994)
  • Iron Man X-O Manowar in Heavy Metal USA (1996)
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How Can I Help ?

You can help contribute to the database in the following way: look at your collection, and compare with what we have. Sometimes you will have a tab that we have not referenced. Or higher quality scans. Even a missing game! In this case, send to, with your nickname on the site. The game will be added in a few days, and your name will be given alongside. Thank you !

About the Italian Fullset

Thanks to Steven, an active contributor, we have made good progress on the Italian fullset. We invite you to regularly visit the listing which is being completed day after day. There will of course always be some small information, scans, etc.... that will be missing ! We invite potential contributors to do the same! The database cannot be complete without this type of help! Thanks to him !

About the book

The book "Game boy Cartridge Collection" has received great success, and is unfortunately no longer available, despite two reprints. We're sorry for those who didn't buy it, but maybe one day, we'll reprint it, why not? For Loose Collectors who didn't buy it, no worries, everything is on this website ! For the happy owners of the book, fortunately, we had planned to be able to update it via a system of stickers. Thanks to you, and your contributions, the following versions will be able to be sent by email to each owner of the book: Mole Mania Playtronic, Motocross Manics FRG-1, ... Thank you again for your support, and thank you for the daily contributions of information to add or modify to improve the database! You are great !

Why Watermarks ?

We received many requests to know if we were planning to remove the watermarks from certain photos one day. We even received an email of insults on the subject. Let's be clear. Box reproduction is not at all the policy of the members of this site. We don't understand how people can call themselves collectors while printing fake things. At the very beginning of the site, these watermarks were not present. We were surprised to find on ebay a fake box designed from a scan of the site. So, in order to preserve the heritage of the Game Boy, not to contribute to the development of reproductions, we will never remove these watermarks. We're sorry! However, as part of a cultural project (book, ...), you needed one or two photos, please send us an email. thank you for your understanding

Game Boy Database Censored !!!

Please note that for information, an American facebook group automatically deletes any message linking to our site. Some people with oversized egos want to think they are the best collectors in the world and have the knowledge all to themselves. We ask contributors not to make things worse, and to leave these people alone with their knowledge. Thank you for your understanding !

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hi! On the flap :No code appears (01/04/1996) No date on flap but where is that date coming from?

Livre de la Jungle (Disney le)


It s been added in the database !

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Are you shure the booklet is ITA-1? I have one with booklet ITA-2

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