Blades of Steel SCN (11018)

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Blades of Steel SCN

Blades of Steel is an ice hockey video game published by Konami on an arcade machine in 1987, and released for the Nintendo Entertainment System and the Commodore 64 in 1988 and adapted in 1991 for the Game Boy, DOS and Amiga. All teams use fictitious names but are based on real Canadian and American cities, and share real-world colors. The game is known for its fast-paced hockey action and especially for the fighting. This is a one or two player game. When playing against the computer, there are three difficulty levels to choose from: Junior, College, and Pro (Pro being the hardest and the easiest being Junior). Each team consists of three wingers, two defenders and a goalkeeper.

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About this version

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Flap Code DMG-UB-SCN
Booklet Code DMG-UB-SCN
Cartridge Code DMG-UB-SCN
Flap Code 11018
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About the game

Developed by
Release date Europe : 1991 , Oct.
USA : 1991 , Aug.
Japan : 1992 , Dec.
Others supports NES, Amiga, Commodore 64, DOS, Arcade
Gaming type Sports and Racing
Number of players
Super Game Boy Functions None
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Hockey Games

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In-game Comparison

  • Palcom appears on the European versions, Ultra Games on the American version and Konami on the Japanese version.
  • All European versions are identical.
  • Other systems


    Seen in the press

    tests/1283/Nintendo Player 005 - Page 105 (1992-07-08).jpg
    tests/1283/Player One 020 - Page 095 (1992-05).jpg
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    Production Dates

    27/11/1992 : Konami Ice Hockey - JPN

    06/07/1991 : Blades of Steel - USA

    06/07/1991 : Blades of Steel - USA

    18/10/1991 : Blades of Steel - SCN

    01/11/1991 : Blades of Steel - NOE

    03/12/1991 : Blades of Steel - FRG

    04/12/1991 : Blades of Steel - AUS

    14/12/1991 : Blades of Steel - UKV

    21/12/1991 : Blades of Steel - FAH

    31/01/1992 : Blades of Steel - ITA

    19/05/1992 : Blades of Steel - ESP

    26/09/1992 : Blades of Steel - USA-1