Adventure Island FRG (20109)

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Adventure Island FRG

You play Master Higgins (or Takahashi Meijin in the Japanese version), a caveman, who goes on an adventure to once again rescue his beloved Tina who has been kidnapped by monsters. He will have to cross 8 islands at the end of which he will have to face a monster. The hero is full of anachronisms because even if he rides dinosaurs and throws stone hammers to defend himself from enemies, he is also armed with a baseball cap on his head and a skateboard allowing him to move forward faster. Higgins also has a diminishing vitality bar with time. To bring it back up, it must feed itself by collecting fruits on the way. He will also be able to ride 4 dinosaurs with different abilities that will help him in his quest: one simply allows him to hit enemies from a distance, another to fly, a third to swim underwater and a 4th to spit fireballs and walk in lava. Before each level it is possible to choose the desired power ups and keep some of them others in reserve for the next levels.

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Flap Code DMG-T3-FRG
Booklet Code DMG-T3-FRG
Cartridge Code DMG-T3-FRG
Flap Code 20109
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About the game

Developed by
Release date Europe : 1992 , Feb.
USA : 1992 , Feb.
Japan : 1992 , Jan.
Others supports NES
Saving No save available
Gaming type Jump and Run
Number of players
Super Game Boy Functions None
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PCB Technical Information

  • ROM size : 1 Mbit / 128 ko
  • PCB : DMG-BEAN-02
  • Mapper : MBC1-B
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Import Versions

  • The CHN version was imported into Switzerland with additional instructions in French and German in black and white in A4 format as well as in Italy (without known import instructions).
  • The SCN version was imported for the Belgian/Dutch market with additional instructions in French and Dutch.
  • The NOE-2 version was imported for the Belgian/Dutch market with additional instructions in French and Dutch.
  • The USA version was imported into France with a small additional notice in French.
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Cover Comparison

  • The GB EURO, USA, JPN and CHN front covers are different.
  • The JPN front cover of the GB version is the same as those of the PAL versions on NES and JPN on Famicom.
  • The front cover of the USA version on NES is still different from all the others, which makes 5 different covers for the same game.

In-game Comparison

  • The EURO and USA versions on GB are titled Adventure Island while the NES/Famicom version is titled Adventure Island II. There is actually an episode on NES released previously but it has never been adapted for GB. The Western versions therefore began their numbering with this episode because it is the first released on this medium. The eastern JPN and CHN versions have kept the correct numbering.
  • The front cover of the EURO version on GB uses the same artwork as that of the 1st episode on NES in the USA version or on Famicom in the JPN version, which is all the more misleading.
  • This game is one of the rare ones for which the inscriptions "Mode d'emploi en fran

Comparaison Versions

  • In the GB version, the 8 islands are divided into 6 levels, the sixth being that of the boss. In the NES version, the number of levels varies depending on the islands. There may be more or less than in GB.
  • The NES version has a map of the 8 islands allowing you to follow the hero's progress within the island itself. This card is visible at the end of each level except the boss level.

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Production Dates

10/12/1991 : Adventure Island - USA

21/12/1991 : Takahashi Meijin no BĂ´ken Jima II - JPN

09/01/1992 : Adventure Island - AUS

09/01/1992 : Adventure Island - FRG

13/01/1992 : Adventure Island - SCN

04/03/1992 : Adventure Island - FAH

04/03/1992 : Adventure Island - NOE

04/03/1992 : Adventure Island - UKV

09/10/1992 : Adventure Island - NOE-1

19/10/1992 : Adventure Island - FAH

26/01/1993 : Adventure Island - NOE-1

04/06/1993 : Adventure Island - ITA-1

03/06/1996 : Adventure Island - NOE-2

08/08/1996 : Adventure Island - NOE-2

29/10/1996 : Adventure Island - USA-2

01/04/1992 : Adventure Island - ESP

No date appears : Adventure Island 2 - CHN

No date appears : Adventure Island 2 (For China Only) - CHN