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Garfield Labyrinth FRG

The Real Ghostbusters, released in Europe as Garfield Labyrinth and in Japan as Mickey Mouse IV: Mahō no Labyrinth, is an action video game released by Kemco, released in 1993. The European version is based on Garfield, the comic strips of Jim Davis in the animated series Garfield and his friends, although the Japanese version is based on the character of Walt Disney Mickey Mouse, is part of the subseries of his character in the Crazy Castle series by Kemco. The North American version is based on the animated series The Real Ghostbusters and contains several levels as well as previous characters.

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Release date Europe : 1993 , Sep.
USA : 1993 , Oct.
Japan : 1993 , Apr.
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Gaming type Action and Thinking
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Super Game Boy Functions None
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In-game Comparison

  • All european versions are identical.
  • The Japanese version suggests playing Mickey. The items to collect are magic wands.
  • The European versions allow you to play Garfield, and the objects to collect are bombs.
  • The American version suggests playing Peter Venckman, and like in Garfield, you will have to collect bombs. Peter is equipped with the famous proton rifle. In this version, Peter is all alone, while Garfiel is accompanied by his dog, and Mickey by his friend Minnie.
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    Production Dates

    17/03/1993 : Mickey Mouse IV - the Magical Labyrinth - JPN

    25/06/1993 : Garfield Labyrinth - ITA

    12/07/1993 : Garfield Labyrinth - UKV

    16/07/1993 : Garfield Labyrinth - FRG

    16/07/1993 : Garfield Labyrinth - NOE

    07/09/1993 : Real Ghostbusters (the) - USA

    26/01/1994 : Garfield Labyrinth - NOE

    25/05/1994 : Garfield Labyrinth - FAH

    02/07/1998 : Real Ghostbusters (the) - USA-1