Akumajo Dracula Shikoku Taru Zensokyoku JPN (No code appears)

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Akumajo Dracula Shikoku Taru Zensokyoku JPN

In 1450, a man made a deal with the Devil to become immortal and conquer the world. Having become a powerful vampire, he summoned demons from Hell, which he sent to invade Europe. This man was Dracula. Sonia Belmont, sole representative of House Belmont, sets out to attack Dracula's castle and confront him. But on the way, she comes across Alucard, the vampire's son. He orders him not to go any further and to let him settle this matter with his father. But Sonia refuses, arguing that it is her duty to Belmont. Alucard then resolves to test Sonia's strength in combat, and emerges convinced of his opponent's ability. He disappears, not without wishing Sonia good luck.

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Japanese Spelling 悪魔城ドラキュラ 漆黒たる前奏曲
Booklet Code DMG-ADNJ-JPN
Cartridge Code DMG-ADNJ-JPN
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Transparent plastic inlay
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About the game

Developed by
Release date Europe : 1997 , Dec.
USA : 1997 , Dec.
Japan : 1997 , Dec.
Others supports None
Gaming type Beat'em Up
Number of players
Super Game Boy Functions
This game belongs to ...

Castlevania Universe

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In-game Comparison

  • The American and European versions of the roms are identical
  • The Japanese version offers a battery backup system, while the European and American versions only offer a password system
  • Seen in the press

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    17/12/1997 : Castlevania Legends - EUR

    17/12/1997 : Castlevania Legends - USA

    22/01/1998 : Castlevania Legends - EUR-1

    19/02/1998 : Castlevania Legends - EUR-1

    27/11/1997 : Akumajo Dracula Shikoku Taru Zensokyoku - JPN