Nintama Ranteru GB (JPN)

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Nintama Ranteru GB JPN

Nintama Rantarou GB is an action role-playing game for Game Boy and adapted from the manga by S?b? Amako called Rakudai Ninja Rantar?. In this app, you play as the young hero of the series named Rantar? who is a student at the ninja training school. In the manner of a classic role-playing game, he is led here to explore the world, visit dungeons and villages as well as chat with numerous characters to gather various information. Random clashes on the world map take place in real time and allow you to pocket money and experience points that help your avatar progress.

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About this version

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Japanese Spelling 忍たま乱太郎GB
Booklet Code DMG-AGNJ-JPN
Cartridge Code DMG-AGNJ-JPN
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Transparent plastic inlay
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About the game

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Gaming type Adventure / RPG
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Super Game Boy Functions
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27/12/1995 : Nintama Ranteru GB - JPN