Kirby's Block Ball ESP-2 (960426)

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Kirby's Block Ball ESP-2

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Flap Code DMG-AKXP-ESP-2
Booklet Code DMG-AKXP-ESP-2
Cartridge Code DMG-AKXP-EUR
Flap Code 960426
Flap Shape
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Inner inlay
Cardboard inlay (game on top)
Views 805 views
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Gaming type Flipper & BreakOut
Number of players
Super Game Boy Functions
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Kirby Universe

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tests/1454/Screenshot 2022-07-25 at 19-40-15 Nintendo Magazine System (UK) 50 November 1996 EMAP Images Free Download Borrow and Streaming Internet Archive.png
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14/12/1995 : Kirby No Block Ball - JPN

18/03/1996 : Kirby's Block Ball - AUS

29/03/1996 : Kirby's Block Ball - GPS

26/04/1996 : Kirby's Block Ball - ESP-2

20/05/1996 : Kirby's Block Ball - SCN

11/06/1996 : Kirby's Block Ball - FRG-1

17/06/1996 : Kirby's Block Ball - UKV

19/07/1996 : Kirby's Block Ball - AUS

01/02/1996 : Kirby's Block Ball - FAH

No date appears : Kirby's Block Ball - NOE