Rey Leon (Disney el) NESP (No code appears)

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Rey Leon (Disney el) NESP

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Booklet Code DMG-ALNP-NESP
Cartridge Code DMG-ALNP-EUR
Flap Code No code appears
Flap Shape
Flap Color
Booklet Color
Box languages
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Inner inlay
Cardboard inlay (game on top)
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About the game

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Gaming type Jump and Run
Number of players
Super Game Boy Functions None
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26/01/1995 : Lion King (Disney's the) - HOL

26/01/1995 : Lion King (Disney's the) - AUS

26/01/1995 : Re Leone (Disney Il) - ITA

26/01/1995 : Lion King (Disney's the) - SCN

27/01/1995 : Rey Leon (Disney el) - ESP

30/01/1995 : Konig der Lowen (Disney) - NOE

28/02/1995 : Lion King (Disney's the) - USA

28/02/1995 : Lion King (Disney's the) - USA

24/08/1995 : Le roi Lion (Disney) - FRA

29/01/1996 : Le roi Lion (Disney) - FRA

29/03/1997 : Lion King (Disney's the) - AUS-1

31/05/1997 : Lion King (Disney's the) - USA-1

15/07/1997 : Lion King (Disney's the) - USA-1

No date appears : Le roi Lion (Disney) - NFRA-1

No date appears : Konig der Lowen (Disney) - NNOE

No date appears : Le roi Lion (Disney) - NFRA

No date appears : Rey leon (Disney el) - NESP-1

No date appears : Rey Leon (Disney el) - NESP