True Lies EUR-1 (50921)

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True Lies EUR-1

The player plays Agent Tasker (hero of the film played by Arnold Schwarzenegger) and must eliminate the enemies on his way through around twenty levels retracing the story of the film quite faithfully. Different weapons can be used to eliminate opponents: colt, shotgun, Uzi, grenade and flamethrower. To advance, the player must sometimes find access keys or accomplish certain objectives such as placing a tracker. In several missions, hostages must also be freed. Civilians are not targeted by terrorists but can be hit by stray bullets. If three hostages die, the mission is a failure. Tasker's movements are quite limited: he cannot jump or run but can still roll on the ground to avoid shots.

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Flap Code DMG-ATLP-EUR-1
Booklet Code DMG-ATLP-EUR
Cartridge Code DMG-ATLP-EUR
Flap Code 50921
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Others supports Game Gear, Mega Drive, Super Nintendo
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    06/02/1995 : True Lies - EUR

    21/09/1995 : True Lies - EUR-1