Cauchemar des Schtroumpfs (le) FAH (971002)

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Cauchemar des Schtroumpfs (le) FAH

The player takes control of the burly Smurf who must travel through the different levels in order to save the other Smurfs who are victims of an evil spell that was cast by Gargamel. In his path there are enemies, which he can eliminate by jumping on them in the style of Super Mario Bros., and puzzles to solve. The game takes place in the Smurfs' village. The player must enter each of six houses in which he must complete two levels and a mini-game in order to obtain a key to access the next house. The levels take place in the nightmares of the Smurf who lives in the house.

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Flap Code DMG-AU3P-FAH
Booklet Code DMG-AU3P-FAH
Cartridge Code DMG-AU3P-FAH
Flap Code 971002
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Others supports Game Boy Color
Saving No save available
Gaming type Jump and Run
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Super Game Boy Functions None
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Smurfs Universe

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    02/10/1997 : Cauchemar des Schtroumpfs (le) - FAH

    26/11/1997 : Smurfs' Nightmare (the) - EUR

    05/12/1997 : Schlümpfe im Alptraumland (die) - NOE

    15/12/1997 : Cauchemar des Schtroumpfs (le) - FAH

    01/09/1998 : Cauchemar des Schtroumpfs (le) - FAH

    No date appears : Cauchemar des Schtroumpfs (le) - FAH