Tetris Attack (NOE)

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Tetris Attack NOE

As in Columns, the goal of the game is to bring together a row of at least three bricks of the same color. These then disappear, dropping those which were possibly located above. We can thus have combos, bricks joined together disappearing to drop other bricks which themselves complete a series which disappears. Each disappearance earns a certain number of points, and combos earn many more (in the form of multipliers). Bricks, unlike Puyo Puyo, do not fall from the sky, and therefore do not need to be moved as they fall to be placed in the best possible location. On the contrary, they are moved a posteriori and in a unique way: we interchange two bricks which are next to each other (horizontally).

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Booklet Code DMG-AYLP-NOE
Cartridge Code DMG-AYLP-EUR
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About the game

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Release date Europe : 1996 , Aug.
USA : 1996 , Aug.
Japan : 1996 , Nov.
Others supports SNES
Saving No save available
Gaming type Thinking, Puzzle Game and Management
Number of players
Super Game Boy Functions
This game belongs to ...

Super Mario Universe

Tetris Series

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In-game Comparison

  • The versions of the European, American and Brazilian roms are identical.
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    Production Dates

    01/07/1996 : Tetris Attack - USA

    31/07/1996 : Tetris Attack - AUS

    01/11/1996 : Tetris Attack - NFAH

    26/10/1996 : Yoshi no Panepon - JPN

    No date appears : Tetris Attack - NEAI

    No date appears : Tetris Attack - BRA