Yoshi's Cookie ITA-1 (30317)

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Yoshi's Cookie ITA-1

The player controls Yoshi from the Mario video game universe. The game takes place in a cookie factory where Mario and Yoshi work. He must line up identical biscuits horizontally or vertically among a pile of biscuits appearing randomly to make them disappear. With each new level, the speed at which new cookies appear increases, and with each new stage within the levels, there are more cookies present from the start.

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Flap Code DMG-CI-ITA-1
Booklet Code DMG-CI-ITA-1
Cartridge Code DMG-CI-ITA
Flap Code 30317
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About the game

Developed by
Release date Europe : 1993 , Apr.
USA : 1993 , Apr.
Japan : 1992 , Nov.
Others supports NES,SNES
Saving No save available
Gaming type Thinking, Puzzle Game and Management
Number of players
Super Game Boy Functions None
This game belongs to ...

Super Mario Universe

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In-game Comparison

  • European and american roms are identical.
  • Other systems

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    Production Dates

    19/10/1992 : Yoshi no Cookie - JPN

    17/03/1993 : Yoshi's Cookie - ITA-1

    20/05/1993 : Yoshi's Cookie - FAH

    30/11/1995 : Yoshi's Cookie - GPS

    19/07/1996 : Yoshi's Cookie - FRG-2

    20/11/1996 : Yoshi's Cookie - FRG-2

    No date appears : Yoshi's Cookie - FAH-2

    No date appears : Yoshi's Cookie - ITA-2

    No date appears : Yoshi's Cookie - NOE