NFL Football USA (10121)

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NFL Football USA

Getting your helmet split by a blind sided hit has never been so much fun! NFL Football puts the pressure on your shoulder pads to carry both the pro-style offense and defense. When driving for the end zone, you'll call every shot, firing bullets and bombs to your favorite receivers. Or run bootlegs, blasting upfield behind snarling, thick-necked blockers. Then on defense, chosse every attack formation and position yourself as a tenacious head banger, going the pigskin by blitzing or picking-off lame ducks. First downs, four quarters, kickoffs, punts, field goals, extra points, stats...everything's here but the bruises. You can even star on your favorite NFL franchise, since al 28 teams are here, ready to replay their rowdy rivalries. So pull down your face mask, tape your fingers, and grind it out on this Game Boy game breaker.

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Flap Code DMG-FT-USA
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Production Dates

21/01/1991 : NFL Football - USA

06/07/1991 : NFL Football - USA