Burgertime Deluxe (USA)

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Burgertime Deluxe USA

In this maze-shaped platform game, the player takes on the role of chef Peter Pepper, who must make hamburgers while avoiding food-shaped characters such as Mr Hot Dog (the sausages), Mr Egg (eggs) and Mr Pickle (pickles). Each game board is made up of a maze of ladders and platforms that Peter Pepper must navigate to drop the hamburger ingredients (bread, cheese, salad, steak, etc.) onto the plates located at the bottom of the screen. .). All Peter has to do is step on an ingredient to bring it down a level, but he must also count on the presence of his adversaries whom he can temporarily immobilize by throwing pepper at them (three shots possible at most) or eliminate by crushing them with a burger ingredient.

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About the game

Developed by
Release date Europe : 1992 , Feb.
USA : 1991 , Mar.
Japan : 1991 , Jan.
Others supports Arcade, Apple II, Aquarius, Atari 2600, BBC Micro, Coleco Adam, ColecoVision, IBM PC, Intellivision, MSX, NES, TI-99/4A
Saving No save available
Gaming type Action and Thinking
Number of players
Super Game Boy Functions None
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Production Dates

08/01/1991 : Burgertime Deluxe - JPN

15/02/1991 : Burgertime Deluxe - JPN

23/01/1992 : Burgertime Deluxe - FAH

23/01/1992 : Burgertime Deluxe - UKV

11/03/1992 : Burgertime Deluxe - ITA

06/04/1992 : Burgertime Deluxe - NOE

No date appears : Burgertime Deluxe - USA-1

No date appears : Burgertime Deluxe - CHN