Adventures of Lolo FRG-1 (51105)

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Adventures of Lolo FRG-1

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Flap Code DMG-LO-FRG-1
Booklet Code DMG-LO-FRG
Cartridge Code DMG-LO-FRG
Flap Code 51105
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Inner inlay
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About the game

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Gaming type Thinking, Puzzle Game and Management
Number of players
Super Game Boy Functions
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In-game Comparison

  • The european versions have Super Game boy functions.
  • The original Japanese version only contains 50 puzzles, while the European versions contain 144 puzzles.
  • The European version also has a puzzle solving option and the music sometimes changes slightly.
  • The introduction is different in each version.
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    Additional Information

  • The game wasn't released in USA
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    Seen in the press

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    Production Dates

    25/03/1994 : Lolo no DaibĂ´ken - JPN

    11/10/1995 : Adventures of Lolo - GPS

    05/11/1995 : Adventures of Lolo - FRG-1

    No date appears : Adventures of Lolo - NOE