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Motocross Maniacs FAH-1

Motocross Maniacs is a video game combining motocross racing and platforms, developed and published by Konami, released in 1989 on Game Boy. Inspired by Excitebike, it offers circuits made up of springboards and loops. It is playable with one or two players.

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Cartridge Code DMG-MX-FAH-1
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In-game Comparison

  • On the ROMs of the FAH-1, NOE-1, SCN-1, FRG-1, ITA-1, UKV-1, SCN-1 cartridges, Konami took the place of Palcom. These roms are identical to the Japanese version.
  • On the USA version, ultra games appears at startup
  • Seen in the press

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    Production Dates

    22/08/1990 : Motocross Maniacs - USA

    08/04/1991 : Motocross Maniacs - FRG

    09/04/1991 : Motocross Maniacs - NOE

    29/05/1991 : Motocross Maniacs - SCN

    29/05/1991 : Motocross Maniacs - FAH

    02/07/1991 : Motocross Maniacs - ITA

    03/07/1991 : Motocross Maniacs - NOE

    06/08/1991 : Motocross Maniacs - UKV

    03/09/1991 : Motocross Maniacs - FAH

    29/11/1991 : Motocross Maniacs - FAH

    28/03/1992 : Motocross Maniacs - NOE

    07/08/1992 : Motocross Maniacs - NOE

    01/12/1993 : Motocross Maniacs - NOE-2

    22/11/1994 : Motocross Maniacs - NOE-2

    17/11/1997 : Motocross Maniacs - NOE-5

    20/09/1989 : Motocross Maniacs - JPN

    01/07/1998 : Motocross Maniacs - FAH-1