New Chessmaster (the) USA (30716)

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New Chessmaster (the) USA

This special edition of The New Chessmaster has been designed for faster, more competitive play and includes extraordinary features like: * 16 levels, from Newcomer to Grandmaster * Play against the computer or a human opponent * Teaching Mode displays all possible moves * Pause option stops play and lets you continue later without resetting the chessboard * Set up pieces in any position to play, analyze or solve chess problems * Takeback/Replay option lets you review past moves for analysis

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Flap Code DMG-N5-USA
Booklet Code DMG-N5-USA
Cartridge Code DMG-N5-USA
Flap Code 30716
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Gaming type Thinking, Puzzle Game and Management
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In-game Comparison

  • USA and FAH rom versions are identical
  • The japanase version do not have a sliding introduction, but offers two languages.
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    Production Dates

    16/07/1993 : New Chessmaster (the) - USA

    05/08/1994 : New Chessmaster (the) - USA

    07/10/1994 : New Chessmaster (the) - FAH

    07/10/1994 : New Chessmaster (the) - FAH

    30/01/1998 : New Chessmaster - JPN