Total Carnage UKV (31208)

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Total Carnage UKV

Total Carnage is a multi-directional shooter similar to Smash TV where players take on the role of Captain Carnage (P1) and Major Mayhem (P2) of the Doomsday Squad across three stages, each with a boss at the end that they must fight. before moving forward., in a last-ditch effort to overthrow the dictator General Akhboob and his army of mutants from conquering the world by invading Akhboob's "Baby Milk Factory" base, while also rescuing prisoners of war held by its military force as its main objective. The player characters are modeled after John Rambo, while the setting is influenced by the 1991 Persian Gulf War (including the Abu Ghraib infant formula plant).

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Flap Code DMG-N8-UKV
Booklet Code DMG-N8-UKV
Cartridge Code DMG-N8-UKV
Flap Code 31208
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About the game

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Others supports Amiga, CD32, Jaguar, MS-DOS, Super NES
Saving No save available
Gaming type Run and Gun
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Super Game Boy Functions None
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    Production Dates

    08/12/1993 : Total Carnage - UKV

    09/12/1993 : Total Carnage - USA