Battleship FAH (31111)

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Battleship FAH

The object is to sink the opponent's entire fleet without them sinking the player's fleet first. In this updated version, both the player and the computer get extra firepower from military aircraft and support weapons. There are even scenarios that start a player off in a pre-played game that he must resume (and overcome a bleak scenario).

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Flap Code DMG-NB-FAH
Booklet Code DMG-NB-FAH
Cartridge Code DMG-NB-FAH
Flap Code 31111
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Others supports NES, Game Gear
Gaming type Thinking, Puzzle Game and Management
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In-game Comparison

  • European and american rom versions are identical.
  • Japanese version has no introduction screen with credits. Screentitle is different.
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    Production Dates

    22/12/1989 : Navy Blue - JPN

    18/11/1992 : Battleship - USA

    21/06/1993 : Battleship - NOE

    26/07/1993 : Battleship - NOE

    03/08/1993 : Battleship - UKV

    03/08/1993 : Battleship - UKV

    11/11/1993 : Battleship - FAH

    13/02/1998 : Battleship - USA