Pac-Attack USA (41019)

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Pac-Attack USA

Similar to Tetris, the player drops ghost pieces, blocks, Pac-Man, and a fairy—in case the meter fills—to the floor. The goal is to prevent the blocks from reaching the top, make Pac-Man eat the ghosts, and make lines to shorten the number of blocks on the screen. When Pac-Man eats a ghost, a meter goes up. Once full, a fairy will appear and upon landing, remove all ghosts under her up to eight lines. Once this is done, bonus points will be awarded to the player and the game continues.

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About this version

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Flap Code DMG-NO-USA
Booklet Code DMG-NO-USA
Cartridge Code DMG-NO-USA
Flap Code 41019
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About the game

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Others supports MD, Super Nintendo, GBC, GBA, Game Gear, CD-i
Saving No save available
Gaming type Thinking, Puzzle Game and Management
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Super Game Boy Functions
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Pac-Man Series

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In-game Comparison

  • The game does not have the same title in the American version
  • The Japanese and European versions are identical, except on the European title screen where the term "licensed to Nintendo" appears
  • Other systems

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    Seen in the press

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    Production Dates

    19/10/1994 : Pac-Attack - USA

    29/10/1994 : Pac-Panic - JPN

    29/08/1995 : Pac-Panic - EUR