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Gauntlet II FRG

Gauntlet II is essentially an expanded version of the original Gauntlet. Like in the original game, there are four character classes to play as, with the choices being Warrior, Valkyrie, Wizard and Elf. The main difference from the original game is that multiple players can now choose to play as the same character class.

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Booklet Code DMG-G2-FRG
Cartridge Code DMG-G2-FRG
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About the game

Developed by
Release date Europe : 1992 , Feb.
USA : 1991 , Sep.
Others supports Arcade, Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Atari ST, Commodore 64, MS-DOS, NES, ZX Spectrum
Saving No save available
Gaming type Adventure / RPG
Number of players
Super Game Boy Functions None
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In-game Comparison

  • All rom versions are identical.
  • Other systems

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    others/788/ATARI ST.jpg
    others/788/CBM 64.jpg

    Seen in the press

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    tests/788/Player One 021 - Page 093 (1992-06).jpg
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    Production Dates

    05/07/1991 : Gauntlet II - USA

    30/07/1991 : Gauntlet II - USA

    14/01/1992 : Gauntlet II - NOE

    16/01/1992 : Gauntlet II - ESP

    16/01/1992 : Gauntlet II - ITA

    24/01/1992 : Gauntlet II - FAH

    24/01/1992 : Gauntlet II - UKV

    31/07/1992 : Gauntlet II - ASI

    No date appears : Gauntlet II - FRG