Bad'n Rad (Skate or Die) USA (00815)

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Bad'n Rad (Skate or Die) USA

Skate or Die: Bad 'N Rad is a 2D action game, which contrasts to the original Skate or Die. The player controls an unnamed skateboarder, whose quest is to rescue Miss Aerial from the antagonist, ElRad the Evil One. The game consists of seven stages in total, including the first four stages that are selectable by the player. Each stage is played in one of two perspectives: a side-scrolling "horizontal mode" and a top-down "vertical mode",?and has a time limit given to complete it. At the end of a horizontal stage, the player must confront one of the game's bosses, including Wart Monger and Bionic Lester.

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Flap Code DMG-SK-USA
Booklet Code DMG-SK-USA
Cartridge Code DMG-SK-USA
Flap Code 00815
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Release date Europe : 1991 , Jul.
USA : 1990 , Sep.
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Saving No save available
Gaming type Jump and Run
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Super Game Boy Functions None
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Skate or Die Series

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Production Dates

15/08/1990 : Bad'n Rad (Skate or Die) - USA

19/07/1991 : Bad'n Rad (Skate or Die) - FRG

19/07/1991 : Bad'n Rad (Skate or Die) - SCN

23/07/1991 : Bad'n Rad (Skate or Die) - NOE

10/09/1991 : Bad'n Rad (Skate or Die) - FAH

14/02/1992 : Bad'n Rad (Skate or Die) - ITA

24/07/1992 : Bad'n Rad (Skate or Die) - NOE-1