Soko Ban 2 (JPN)

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Soko Ban 2 JPN

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Japanese Spelling 倉庫番2
Flap Code DMG-SQJ
Booklet Code DMG-SQJ
Cartridge Code DMG-SQJ
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Transparent plastic inlay
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Gaming type Action and Thinking
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Super Game Boy Functions None
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Soko Ban Series (Boxxle)

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The development credit for Atelier Double was removed from the North American version. Kenichi Tomizawa is credited for production in the Japanese version. In the North American version, he is credited for programming and sound design. In the Japanese version, the music is credited to Goro Takahashi. Takashi Kawarabuki and Chikashi Horikawa are credited in the Japanese version under Cooperation. In the US version, they are credited for programming and graphic design, respectively. The Japanese version has credits for the Director, Voice Actor, Design Cooperation, and Contest Winners, all of which were removed from the North American version's staff roll.

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In-game Comparison

  • The NOE version is identical to the USA version
  • Other systems

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    Production Dates

    22/06/1990 : Soko Ban 2 - JPN

    06/05/1992 : Boxxle II - USA

    06/05/1992 : Boxxle II - USA

    No date appears : Boxxle II - NOE