Solar Striker NOE (10605)

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Solar Striker NOE

"The year is 2159. The Earth Federal Government was established, linking the people with a common government against other species. As part of this new addition and to defend the human race's peace and safety, the Earth Federal Army was also created". "The army went on the offensive, and attacked a star known as 'Turin'. However, the Earth Federal Army was no match for the overwhelming combat power of Turin, and Earth's fate seemed sealed. As Earth's last chance, a top-secret mobile unit developed a very advanced space fighter in Earth's last fortification. Flying with the mothership, 'Mother Atena', it arrived at Turin's solar system as the last chance for a violent and final attack on the Turin forces. This advanced spacecraft, and Earth's last hope for survival, is code-named 'Solar Striker'".

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Flap Code DMG-SS-NOE
Booklet Code DMG-SS-NOE
Cartridge Code DMG-SS-NOE
Flap Code 10605
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About the game

Developed by
Release date Europe : 1990 , Sep.
USA : 1990 , Feb.
Japan : 1990 , Feb.
Others supports None
Saving No save available
Gaming type Shoot'em Up
Number of players
Super Game Boy Functions None
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Production Dates

09/04/1990 : Solar Striker - JPN

05/06/1990 : Solar Striker - NOE

06/06/1990 : Solar Striker - USA

05/07/1990 : Solar Striker - CAN

12/07/1990 : Solar Striker - NOE

21/07/1990 : Solar Striker - SCN

26/07/1990 : Solar Striker - FAH

05/10/1990 : Solar Striker - FAH

07/12/1990 : Solar Striker - UKV

07/12/1990 : Solar Striker - FAH

27/03/1991 : Solar Striker - ITA

16/04/1991 : Solar Striker - NOE

16/04/1991 : Solar Striker - FAH

05/06/1991 : Solar Striker - NOE

11/07/1191 : Solar Striker - FAH

09/11/1991 : Solar Striker - NOE-1

26/01/1990 : Solar Striker - JPN

No date appears : Solar Striker - CHN

No date appears : Solar Striker - KOR