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Adventure Island - DMG-T3-AUS

Box code : AUS

Booklet: AUS

Cartridge : AUS

Languages on box/booklet :

Box date : 20109 (09/01/1992)

Booklet color :

Right flap color :

Save data : None

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About the Game


You are Master Higgins (or Takahashi Meijin in the japanese version), a caveman who go on an adventure to deliver one more time his beloved Tina kidnapped by monsters. He will have to cross 8 islands with a boss at the end.

The hero is full of anachronism because even if he rides dinosaurs and throw stone axes, he also wear a baseball cap and ride a skateboard to go faster. Higgins also owns a vitality bar that decrease over time. To make it go up, he must feed by collecting fruit on the way. He can also ride 4 dinosaurs with different abilities that will help him in his quest: one simply allows you to strike enemies from a distance, another to fly, a 3rd to swim underwater and a 4th to spit balls of fire and walk in the lava. Before each level it is possible to choose the desired power ups and keep some others in reserve for the next levels.


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Technical informations

- Size of the ROM : 1 Mbit / 128 ko


- Mapper : MBC1-B


- The CHN version was imported into Switzerland with an additional notice in French and German in black and white in A4 format as well as in Italy (without known import notice).

- The SCN version was imported for the Belgian / Dutch market with an additional notice in French and Dutch.

- The NOE-2 version was imported for the Belgian / Dutch market with an additional notice in French and Dutch.

- The USA version was imported into France with a small additional notice in French.


- The GB EURO, USA, JPN and CHN front covers are different.

- The GB JPN front cover is the same as that of the PAL versions on NES and JPN on Famicom.

- The NES USA front cover is again different from all the others which makes 5 different covers for the same game.

Comparison in the game (GB versions)

- The EURO and USA versions are exactly the same.

- The title screen of the JPN version displays the title of the game in kanji while that of the EURO and USA versions displays the title of the game in western writing.

Comparison in the game (Other systems)

- In the GB version, the 8 islands are divided into 6 levels, the sixth being that of the boss. In the NES version, the number of levels varies depending on the islands. There may be more or less than on GB.

- The NES version has a map of the 8 islands allowing to follow the progression of the hero within the island. This card is visible at the end of each level except that of the boss.

Aditional Informations

- The EURO and USA versions on GB are called Adventure Island while the NES / Famicom version is called Adventure Island II. There is indeed an episode on NES released before but it has never been adapted on GB. Western versions have therefore started their numbering with this episode because it is the 1st released on this support. The oriental versions JPN and CHN have kept the correct numbering.

- The front cover of the EURO version on GB uses the same artwork as that of the 1st episode on NES in USA version or on Famicom in JPN version, which is more misleading.

- This game is one of the few for which the inscriptions "Mode d'emploi en français" "Met nederlandse handleiding\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" on the front cover of the FAH version do not appear.

- If we look at the back of the box of the JPN or CHN version and the front of the European versions, we notice that there is a credit for Light & Shadows, Inc. Susumu Matsushita. The latter is in fact the one who made the drawing of the character of Master Higgins and Light & Shadows, Inc. is his company. The artwork for the USA version was probably made by someone else since this credit does not appear anywhere on the box.

- The Adventure Island series had 6 episodes spread over several supports. The first 4 episodes were released on NES between 1986 and 1994. The 1st was also released on MSX, the 2nd and 3rd were adapted on GB and the 4th was released only on NES and never went beyond the borders of Japan. The last 2 followed on SNES in 1992 and 1994 as Super Adventure Island 1 and 2 and the series ended there.

- The Adventure Island series is often compared to Wonder Boy 1st of the name on Master System. And for good reason ! The 1st installments of these 2 series are originally the same game ! Escape (now known as Westone) created the Wonder Boy arcade game to begin. Sega distributed it and then released it on its console, the Master System. Escape therefore had an agreement with Sega but a NES version was also planned. At that time, Sega and Nintendo were great rivals so Hudson took care of the distribution of the game on the Nintendo console by making some modifications on the original game because Sega was the owner of the title of the game, the name and the appearance of the hero. This is how Adventure Island was created. Hudson retained most of the atmosphere and gameplay for his following episodes, while Sega and Escape directed the Wonder Boy series in a medieval / fantasy atmosphere.

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10/12/1991 : Adventure Island - USA

21/12/1991 : Takahashi Meijin no Bōken Jima II (高橋名人の冒険島II) - JPN

09/01/1992 : Adventure Island - AUS

09/01/1992 : Adventure Island - FRG

13/01/1992 : Adventure Island - SCN

04/03/1992 : Adventure Island - FAH

04/03/1992 : Adventure Island - NOE

04/03/1992 : Adventure Island - UKV

09/10/1992 : Adventure Island - NOE-1

19/10/1992 : Adventure Island - FAH

04/06/1993 : Adventure Island - ITA-1

03/06/1996 : Adventure Island - NOE-2

08/08/1996 : Adventure Island - NOE-2

01/04/1992 : Adventure Island - ESP

No date appears : Adventure Island 2 - CHN

No date appears : Adventure Island 2 (For China Only) - CHN

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