Prehistorik Man EUR-1 (960627)

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Prehistorik Man EUR-1

The game takes place in Prehistory. Dinosaurs enter a prehistoric village at night and steal all the food. The next morning, Sam, a resident of the village discovers the devastation and immediately goes to see the chief of the tribe, who also heard of this disaster. Their currency being bones, Sam, accompanied by several inhabitants, including the inventor, the blacksmith, the guide and the chef, will go to the Valley of Bones, in the far North, where the dinosaurs are dying out. He will travel through a large number of places to get there: from plains to volcanoes, including canyons, jungles and yeti villages...

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Flap Code DMG-UH-EUR-1
Booklet Code DMG-UH-EUR
Cartridge Code DMG-UH-EUR
Flap Code 960627
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Others supports Super Nintendo, Game Boy Advance, IOS
Saving No save available
Gaming type Jump and Run
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    Production Dates

    22/12/1995 : P Man - JPN

    26/08/1994 : Prehistorik Man - EUR

    14/02/1995 : Prehistorik Man - EUR

    27/06/1996 : Prehistorik Man - EUR-1

    11/08/1997 : Prehistorik Man - EUR-1

    23/08/1997 : Prehistorik Man - EUR-1

    26/11/1997 : Prehistorik Man - EUR-1