Choplifter II (AUS)

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Choplifter II AUS

Gameplay is largely the same as the original Choplifter and revolves around piloting a rescue helicopter into hostile territory and rescuing hostages. Enemies like birds, fighter jets, and ammunition fired from various weapons can harm the player's helicopter. Saving more hostages than the scenario requires will allow players to collect extra points. However, losing a lot of hostages will lead to a loss of continues; regardless of how many lives the player has during that time.

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02/08/1991 : Choplifter II - USA

01/11/1991 : Choplifter II - NOE

27/11/1991 : Choplifter II - UKV

28/02/1992 : Choplifter II - SCN

27/03/1992 : Choplifter II - NOE

25/06/1992 : Choplifter II - NOE

13/07/1993 : Choplifter II - ESP

01/12/192 : Choplifter II - UKV

01/10/1991 : Choplifter II - FAH

No date appears : Choplifter II - ITA

21/06/1991 : Choplifter II - JPN