Prophecy Viking Child (UKV)

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Prophecy Viking Child UKV

We play Brian, a young viking living in the northern countries who must face Odin, son of the Shadow Lord Loki, who destroyed his village and imprisoned his family and friends. Brian therefore sets off on a quest to defeat Odin and free his loved ones. The game takes place in 8 levels at the end of which you will have to face a boss to move on to the next one. There are some recurring RPG style elements as you can buy items, weapons or lives from shops during the game, with the money given by enemies when they die.

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About this version

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About the game

Developed by
Others supports Atari ST, Amiga, Lynx, MS-DOS
Gaming type Jump and Run
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- Written/Coded: S. Golding (+ G. Benson in the Euro version)
- Artwork: M. Hanrahan, S. Golding, C. Jackson
- Music: B. Leitch
- Support: L. Garnett, Joolz Dave (absent in the Euro version)

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Import Versions

- The UKV-1 version was imported into Italy by GIG Electronics with additional instructions in Italian in black and white in A4 format.

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Cover Comparison

- The Euro version being translated into 5 languages, the name of the game is too. We can therefore read on the title screen:

  • The predestined Viking child in French
  • Il piccolo vichingo profetico in Italian
  • Nino vikingo profetico in spanish
  • Wikinger zukunftskind in German

- The names of the roles of the different people who developed the game are slightly different.

  • "Written by" for the US version and "Coding by" for the Euro version with an additional name for the Euro version: G. Benson
  • "Music & SFX" for the US version and "Music by" for the Euro version
  • "Support" in the US version which is completely absent in the Euro version

- The presentation of the title on the world map is different between the 2 versions.

Comparaison Versions

- There are quite a few differences if we compare the PC/Amiga/Atari versions and the Game Boy version. On PC/Amiga/Atari, there are 16 levels compared to only 8 on Game Boy. The PC/Amiga/Atari versions therefore have a longer lifespan than its Game Boy counterpart. The 8 levels of the Game Boy version are however found in the PC/Amiga/Atari versions but not necessarily in the same order.
- There are 8 bosses in the PC/Amiga/Atari versions, most of them different from the Game Boy version.

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Additional Information

- The scenario is slightly different in the PC/Amiga/Atari versions. Brian's village is destroyed at the start of the game but not by Odin but by the God of Evil Loki himself. At the start of the game, Odin appears to Brian to reveal his destiny as a hero of Valhalla and launch him on his quest. He must thus free the country of Odin by defeating Loki who has taken possession of Odin's creatures and free his family and friends at the same time. Translation problem or deliberate choice of developers?
- At the end of the game, there is a "To be continued" screen even though there is no sequel to this game. The game being longer on PC/Amiga/Atari, it is very likely that the developers planned a sequel or did not have time to finish the game completely before its release.
- We can often read that Prophecy Viking Child resembles Wonder Boy In Monter Land released on Master System/Commodore/Amiga. There are indeed some similarities! All these shops scattered throughout the game, the enemies who sometimes give coins when they die, the time which passes in the form of an hourglass and which removes a heart when it has expired and the death of bosses (money + key to pick up). On Game Boy we only find the first two similarities.
- For PC/Amiga/Atari versions, the exact title is different from the Game Boy version. It reads Prophecy I The Viking Child. However, we find it on the title screen of the Game Boy version.
- This title also includes an I which implies that there should be a sequel but it never saw the light of day...
- The cardboard of the FAH box is different from that of usual boxes. In addition, the "GAMEBOY" strip on the left side is shiny silver and not matte as usual.
- The FAH version has a UKV cartridge and not FAH. There is therefore no FAH cartridge for this game.

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Production Dates

08/11/1996 : Prophecy Viking Child - UKV-1

08/11/1996 : Prophecy Viking Child - UKV-1

01/12/1993 : Prophecy Viking Child - FAH

No date appears : Prophecy Viking Child - USA