Bionic Battler USA (980313)

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Bionic Battler USA

Hide and seek has turned deadly, and it ain't no kids game anymore! The name of the game is pound or be pounded. This is the ultimate round 'em and pound 'em, stalk 'em and rock 'em battle of the century. The robots of Earth have rebelled, they have imprisoned you in their metallic mazes of mayhem called the Labyrinths of War. Their goal: Terminate the humans... Inside these labyrinths lies a test. Seek out and destroy the merciless Bionic Battlebots of this worldwide robotic rebellion and save mankind before they nab you. If you fail, say goodbye. The Battlebots want a fair fight, not an easy kill. You've been fitted for 2 Bionic Battlesuits, each with the strengths and weapons of the Battlebots. Enter the Labyrinths of War and save mankind!

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About this version

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Flap Code DMG-VS-USA
Booklet Code DMG-VS-USA
Cartridge Code DMG-VS-USA
Flap Code 980313
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Inner inlay
Cardboard inlay (game on top)
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About the game

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Others supports None
Saving No save available
Gaming type Beat'em Up
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Super Game Boy Functions None
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In-game Comparison

  • Only the screen title changes on the japanese version.
  • Seen in the press

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    13/03/1998 : Bionic Battler - USA

    10/08/1990 : VS Battler - JPN