Mega Man III NOE (No code appears)

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Mega Man III NOE

Mega Man is sent to put an end to the oil extraction operations of Professor Wily, whose fortress turns out to be a gigantic oil platform in the middle of the ocean. But the evil professor has a big surprise in store for him: a second Mega Man Hunter named Punk.

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Flap Code DMG-W3-NOE
Booklet Code DMG-W3-NOE
Cartridge Code DMG-W3-NOE
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Gaming type Run and Gun
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Megaman Universe

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In-game Comparison

  • Only the title screens change between the American, European and Japanese versions.
  • All European versions are identical.
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    Production Dates

    06/11/1992 : Mega Man III - USA

    08/09/1993 : Mega Man III - SCN

    18/02/1994 : Mega Man III - FAH

    No date appears : Mega Man III - NOE

    11/12/1992 : Rockman World 3 - JPN