Spanky's Quest FRG (20324)

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Spanky's Quest FRG

Spanky attacks by throwing a small purple bubble. He can then bounce the bubble on his head. Every time he bounces the bubble, the bubble grows and changes color. The bubble can then be popped, depending upon the bubble's size and color, different types of sports balls will fly out of the bubble destroying enemies touched by the balls. For example, a purple bubble will release a baseball and the largest orange bubble will release several basketballs. If an enemy is touched by a bubble, he will simply be stunned and unable to move for a moment. There are a total of five worlds with ten levels each. After clearing each world's ten levels, the player must face a main boss. After defeating all five bosses, the player fights the witch herself.

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Cartridge Code DMG-LM-FRG
Flap Code 20324
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In-game Comparison

  • Natsume appears on the american and japanese versions. On the australian and european versions, Taito appears instead of Natsume.
  • Japanese version has not the same game title
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    26/04/1991 : Lucky Monkey - JPN

    16/03/1992 : Spanky's Quest - AUS

    24/03/1992 : Spanky's Quest - FRG

    27/05/1992 : Spanky's Quest - USA

    20/09/1992 : Spanky's Quest - ESP