Sneaky Snakes FAH (20113)

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Sneaky Snakes FAH

Attila and Genghis, two snakes must save Sonia Snake from the clutches of Nasty Nibbler. Cross the sixteen levels, alone or in pairs via the Link cable, and try to eat the number of Nibbleys necessary to complete the level and escape.

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Flap Code DMG-NK-FAH
Booklet Code DMG-NK-FAH
Cartridge Code DMG-NK-FAH
Flap Code 20113
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Inner inlay
Transparent plastic inlay
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About the game

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Others supports None
Saving No save available
Gaming type Jump and Run
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Super Game Boy Functions None
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In-game Comparison

  • All rom versions are identical.
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    Additional Information

  • This game was never released in Japan.
  • Seen in the press

    tests/1040/Consoles Plus 010 - Juin 1992 - Page 134.jpg
    tests/1040/Nintendo Player 005 - Page 104 (1992-07-08).jpg
    tests/1040/Player One 020 - Page 094 (1992-05).jpg
    tests/1040/Super Power 001 - Page 112 (1992-07-08).jpg
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    Production Dates

    12/05/1991 : Sneaky Snakes - USA

    13/01/1992 : Sneaky Snakes - FAH

    18/01/1992 : Sneaky Snakes - AUS

    25/03/1992 : Sneaky Snakes - FAH

    25/03/1992 : Sneaky Snakes - UKV

    18/08/1992 : Sneaky Snakes - NOE

    27/08/1992 : Sneaky Snakes - ITA

    19/09/1992 : Sneaky Snakes - FRG

    04/10/1992 : Sneaky Snakes - SCN